What is God calling South Church to do with the land on Lupine Road given by Mary Byers Smith?




South Church was approached by Habitat and Andover Community Trust  who offered to buy the parcel of land we own it order to build permanently affordable housing units. ACT and Habitat would collaborate in the building of 4 Habitat units and 2 ACT units on the land, all in a similar style.  They have offered to pay South Church $200,000 for the land and invite participation by members of South Church.

This land, a 1.06 acre lot roughly opposite Elm St. Automotive, was given to South Church in 1938 by Mary Byers Smith. In support of both South Church’s and Mary Byers Smith’s long standing commitment to outreach and caring for neighbors, a small team gathered information to help the Congregation consider this request. It seems fitting to advance her legacy by continuing this discussion about best use for this piece of land.  Please be a part of the conversations about what South Church should do with this land.


The last paragraph of Dave Floreen’s Lenten Booklet submission put it beautifully, “So many of our classmates remarked throughout the evening how much we enjoyed and learned growing up in loving, stable homes and attending a good high school in a great community.”  It’s true – Everyone deserves a stable home and in community with outstanding schools!

We encourage everyone to meet with us and ask questions as we cover different related topics about this exciting initiative. Anyone and everyone who cannot or does not want to attend one of our informational meetings is encouraged to submit questions or concerns to lupine@southchurch.com and they will be addressed.

Proposed Timeline:

  • Spring 2017 -Informational Meetings with South Church members and congregational meeting to vote on the project Fall2017—
  • Summer 2017 – Schematic Site Design, Building Design, Preliminary Site Engineering
  • Fall 2017— Final project design presentation to Andover Housing Partnership Committee for recommendation to Selectmen.
  • Winter/Spring 2017-2018— Andover Selectmen approval; Mass Dept of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) approval.
  • Spring 2018 – Comprehensive Permit from Andover Zoning Board of Appeals for a 40B Local Initiative
    Program (LIP) project. Final construction documents and contracts for site work, utilities and foundations. Building permit and closing of land sale with South Church.
  • Summer 2018 – Site construction, underground utilities, building foundations
  • Fall Winter Spring 2018- 2019 – ACT House construction  by Greater Lawrence Technical School. Habitat home construction by volunteers and future homeowners; Homeowner selection happens.
  • Summer 2019 – Sale of ACT units to income eligible owners; Sale of first Habitat units