Advocacy Panel

South Church has an Advocacy Panel who are available to receive any concerns, complaints, or allegations regarding misconduct, harassment, or abuse of any type. The Panel consists of three trained church members – Gary Vandoren, Donna Schroeder, and Erick Stubenhaus – who will treat every concern with seriousness, respect, and confidentiality. In order to contact the Advocacy Panel, you can email

Boards & Committees (Interested in joining? Contact the Nominating Committee.)

All serve from June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018

Board of Deacons

Board of Trustees

Board of Family Ministries

Board of Youth Ministries

Board of World Service

Board of Women's Ministries

Giving Committee

Nominating Committee

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Pastoral Support Teams

Mission Statement: The Pastoral Relations Teams will steward the relationship between the pastors and the congregation to strengthen the ministry and mission of South Church. We will foster open, constructive communication in a spirit of mutual love, trust and respect. We will provide focused, consistent support for our pastors and encourage their personal, professional and spiritual growth. In these things we seek to assist the life and work of South Church, learning and growing together as part of the Body of Christ and celebrating the love of God.

Role and Function: The primary function of the Pastoral Relations Teams is to cultivate an open and supportive relationship among the congregation and the ordained, called pastors. Our relationship with one another is both mutual and covenantal. The pastors have promised to help our congregation be the best congregation it can be for God’s mission in the world. Our congregation has promised our pastors support in being the best pastor he/she can be to fulfill God’s mission for his/her ministry. The Pastoral Relations Teams listen objectively to the hopes, dreams, and concerns of the congregation and then model and encourage appropriate and open sharing with the pastors. Members of the Pastoral Relations Teams are also the primary source of support for the pastors as they share joys, hopes, concerns, and personal needs. It is a confidential group with a high degree of trust among members and pastor.

Team Contact Information:

  • Reverend Dana Allen Walsh’s “Spirit Team”: Email this team at (Team members: Thomas Arnold, David Sleight, Jennifer Hoenig)
  • Reverend Alex Shea Will’s “A Team”: Email this team at (Team members: Al Joyall, Barbara Holbrook,  Polly Pyle, Kath Mason)