7th/8th Grade Sunday School Field Trip

We are taking a short Sunday School field trip on Sunday October 1st to the Giving Garden at Rolling Ridge in North Andover.  According to Mark Aude and Emily Strong, there is plenty end of season harvesting to do of spinach and tomatoes. We would like do a ONE HOUR POWER HARVEST with our kids and we hope you’ll give permission for your son or daughter to come along.  They should wear work clothes and sturdy shoes that can get dirty. Plan on sending a water bottle and sun screen. The Giving Garden has a port-a-potty on site.

We talked to your kids about it in Sunday School and they are gung ho to go!  Please arrive a little bit early for church and stay a little bit late (let us know if this is difficult for your family).  We can accommodate by staggering the car departure times on either end of this excursion. We are happy to do a few home drop offs if that helps. Please print and sign this permission slip. We will have extra copies in the parking lot for those who forget or have printer problems.

  • Meet at South Church parking lot at 10:15.
  • Turn in permission slips
  • Arrive at Giving Garden by 10:45
  • Harvest until 11 – 11:45
  • Quick prayer, fellowship and donuts
  • Return to South Church by 12:30 at the latest.

At this time, we have four adult supervisors and car space for twelve kids.  We have twenty kids registered for our Sunday School class — so it would be totally awesome if we get a big crew on this trip. We’ll have to add another car or two, but it should be possible.  Let us know if you’d like to come along. We would love to have you.

Here is more about the Giving Garden:

The  Giving Garden is located at the Rolling Ridge Retreat Center on Great Pond Road in North Andover.  The project was created two years ago by a group from South Church with the goal of becoming an interfaith, inter-generational mission to serve the poor while connecting people to the environment. In 2015, the Garden Committee began with a small pilot garden, installed a fence, and built a shed with the help of a growing group of volunteers. In 2016, the Garden grew 3,500 lbs of vegetables on the quarter acre with the help of over 150 volunteers. Many of our 7th and 8th grade Sunday School kids have worked at the Giving Garden before and will be enthusiastic about showing new kids around.  The work is easy, safe and deeply rooted (sorry for the pun) in the ideals of Christian fellowship and service, environmental stewardship and truly refreshing fun.  For more information ask us or check out the website!

Stephanie Aude (978 821 2033 cell)
Fabiana Murphy
Serena Santoro Manning

7th & 8th Grade  Sunday School Teaching Team