Social Justice Pot Luck/Book Discussion

The Social Justice Coalition invites the congregation to a facilitated, pot luck book discussion group to unpack Debby Irving’s book,  Waking Up White and finding myself in the story of race.  Short chapters are a quick read, end-of-chapter questions generate reactions and more questions. Come for discussion, understanding, and support Friday, January 19th, 6pm in the Youth Space. Babysitting provided. Pot luck suggestions salad or main dish: dessert and beverages provided. Questions? Contact Jan Holden.

The Winchester, MA author of Waking Up White, Debby Irving, shares sometimes cringe-worthy personal struggles to understand racism and racial tensions. Her perspective on bias, stereotypes, manners, and tolerance are nonthreatening yet thought and action provoking. She unpacks long-held beliefs about colorblindness, being a good person, and wanting to help people of color, revealing how each of these well-intentioned mindsets actually can perpetuate ill-conceived ideas about race. We, as Christians, are called to love one another which requires of us a new understanding of our history and ourselves. We can strive to be open to God’s justice by being open to change, changing the way we talk about racism, work in racially mixed groups, and understand the racial justice movement as a whole.
Watch for upcoming South Church events in 2018 hosted by the Social Justice Coalition addressing racial justice.