Giving to South Church

What is a two-word phrase that reflects the spiritual DNA of South Church? This was the summer homework of our Giving Committee. Over a few meetings, they wrestled with this question and the unanimous result is: Transforming Lives.

Picture2At South Church, we believe God is transforming fear into joy, apprehension into courage, apathy into hope, complacency into compassion. And I see God’s work alive and well everyday in our church. Sometimes it looks like a community providing the courage someone needs to get sober, sometimes it’s delivering a warm meal of nourishment and hope to someone in grief, sometimes it’s a mission trip that awakens a young adult’s vocational call to serve the needy.

Whether or not you realize it, you are a key part of that work – you give not to a building, to an institution, or to a tradition, you give to the work of transforming lives.

Through the act of giving, not only do we transform other people’s lives but our own life is changed. Since, we are made in God’s image, then we are created to give and be generous with our time and treasure. When we open our hearts and our pockets, we become more like God and our life is transformed.

Peace and Grace,

Email 2017 Pledge to South Church

The FIRST PRIORITY for everyone’s gifts to South Church is always our individual ANNUAL PLEDGES for the operation of the Church itself. Our combined gifts fund our programs, staff, music, missions, facilities, community needs, outreach, and more, all in our daily life together.

Your pledge will be sent confidentially to Joanne Smith, Financial Administrator – and she will confirm your pledge with an email back to you.


A vibrant, sustainable church can imagine, and have faith in, the future. It develops the resources (time, talent, treasure) to do what needs to be done: Can a young family find better opportunity to join in church activities because there is funding for child care? Can a mission group learn from its service and afford to leave its tools in the needy village? Can we respond with meaningful aid when calamity tears at people near and far?

Inspiring and productive gifts join a donor’s highest hopes and the people’s deepest needs. Throughout its 305 years, South Church has been blessed by the philanthropy of members and friends who have funded its daily progress in faith and fellowship, built its successive houses of worship, and enabled it to be of service in the community and the world.

Whatever money we have in our budget and our facilities and our savings comes from the Christian call to give, individually and congregationally, to others for God’s purposes. Across the centuries and for the future, our encouragement of giving and our stewardship of gifts must be as effective and trusted as we can make it.

Our shared Gift Acceptance Policy recommends that all donors speak with the Pastors, Moderator, Trustees, or relevant Boards to assure that every gift comports with the values and needs of South Church and its Christian mission.

Click on any of the topics listed below to see further details about the gifting opportunities.

MINISTRY: A gift for South Church’s ministries might support professional development for the staff, internships for seminary students, the Samaritan Fund with which the Pastors spontaneously help people with immediate needs, or expanded staff and worship.
WORLD SERVICE AND COMMUNITY: Every gift to World Service goes out into communities near and far to help with a whole host of social justice issues like health, shelter, food, peacemaking, education, immigration, culture, church formation, and parenting. This congregation sends out its money and its members, and it has a long history of participation in UCC and ecumenical activities. Your gift might dig a well in a needy village, or it might change the life of a local teen who sees what her service can do for others.
ACCESS TO PARTICIPATION IN CHURCH LIFE: A Special Gift can literally open doors. Funds are needed to assure that seniors and the disabled are able to get to worship, to allow a young parent to engage on a service committee because child care is provided, or so that a person can join in a mission trip or get education regardless of ability to pay. Access is essential to faith formation and social justice.
CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: A vibrant CE program touches everyone who touches the Church. Donors create Funds to bring wonderful speakers to the community, to provide current skills and technology and curriculum and professional colleagues for teachers in Sunday School, to expand adult education into even more small groups, and to add Vacation Bible School and other means of visibility for the Church in the community.
MUSIC: Special Gifts will bring enthralling guest artists to play and sing and accompany and inspire, will help maintain the wonderful organ, can expand teaching and choirs and variety, or might build up the library of scores and recordings.
YOUTH: It is often said that a strong Youth Program is key to the Church’s vitality. Special gifts provide community outreach to engage young people from many backgrounds and to enable participation regardless of circumstances. Gifts support a dynamic array of programs, missions, trips, materials, service experiences, and of course a team of compelling leaders.
FACILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE: The buildings, systems, and grounds of the Church require continuous maintenance and modernization well in excess of the scope of annual budgets. The Trustees’ careful schedule of opportunities for Special Gifts for energy efficiency, safety, access, and preservation in a historic building.
TECHNOLOGY: The 21st Century has much to offer a 305-year old Church. Your Special Gift might fund IT systems or the audio-video equipment that make worship and events clear to hear, easy to produce, recorded for posterity, and accessible to those who want to join in from a hospital bed or a home far away.
FINANCIAL: Special Gifts are an essential source of the Church’s sustainability. A donor who retires some debt frees up budget funds forever; a gift to Reserves assures lasting support for the Church, its programs, its people and its life.