Green Team

Our very active Green Team works to promote good environmental stewardship in the church’s facilities, in our homes, and the wider community. They work with our congregation to continually strive to create a green atmosphere in our building, promote the Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and use energy savings measures such as our solar panels on our roof. The committee also works to raise awareness and foster action on Climate Change. Co-chairs Mark Bohrer and Candy Dann.

Recent News

2/6/19: Good news from above (our solar panels!)
South Church has been generating electricity from solar panels for the past six years without emitting any carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. From 2015-2017, the panels generated more electricity that we used and the surplus was shared with our neighbors through the grid. This has saved South Church about (or upwards of) $32,000 in utility bills during those six years and more importantly reduced our carbon footprint by 144 tons. This will be reported in more detail in the South Church quarterly newsletter, coming soon.

Recent Activity

In 2018, the Green Team hosted a Retreat for the Environment at the beautiful AMC Highland Center in Crawford Notch, NH. The mountains and foliage were a stunning backdrop for workshops, outdoor group activities, a science fair, campfire and s’mores…activities designed for all ages.