To contact the Our Next Chapter Exploration Team (ONCET), email them at ONCET at Southchurch.com

Update 1/11/19 Over the last several months, ONCET has continued moving forward in the process of discerning a strategy for how South Church can remain a vibrant and relevant member of our community in the midst of changing religious, cultural and societal trends. Grounded in the insights and hopes that were shared during the congregational discernment sessions held last spring, and working with our consultants, Jim Hartrich and Renee LiaBraaten, we’ve drafted a Vision Statement for South Church that articulates our sense of God’s call at this time in our life together. In addition, we’ve drafted a Mission Statement of how our congregation can faithfully and effectively answer this call.

The next step in our discernment process is to gather your input to the Draft Vision and Mission Statements and ideas for how these guiding principles might shape our current and future ministries. Several opportunities to share your thoughts will be offered in January and February.

  • ONCET members will facilitate several “Our Next Chapter” Discernment Sessions and Events.
  • Renee will be at South Church on Feb. 2-4 to conduct interviews with individuals representing the various demographic groups within our congregation and to lead several focus groups.  If you would like to participate in an interview or focus group, please contact the church office.
  • ONCET members will be interviewing leaders in our community to get a better sense of community needs and potential partnerships. If you have suggestions about community leaders who you feel it would be helpful to interview, please share their names with Ted Harris or Lenore Price.

In March, Jim and Renee will lead the “Our Next Chapter” Workshop for staff, congregational leaders and all who are interested in continuing to shape our strategic plan.

In April, we will share the “Our Next Chapter” Key Initiatives and Strategic Action Plan with the congregation.

This continues to be a stimulating and inspiring process.  Stay tuned for more details and remember Mary Luti’s encouraging words:  “God will show you where to cast your nets, and there will be fish!”