Bob Lague

Bob Lague is a graduate of the New England Conservatory (NEC) of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and a Master’s Degree in Applied Piano. He comes to us having served for many years at Second Congregational Church of Beverly.

With a background in music education and piano, why did you feel called to serve in a church setting?
My family has always been involved musically with the church. When I was growing up, I was an altar boy in the church where my father was the organist and choir director. I sang Gregorian Chant with the men’s choir after that. My Father, who was my main mentor, gave me organ and piano lessons and I began to play some of the services for him. In my senior year in college, I got my first solo choir gig. After I was married, I worked for the First Congregational Church of Natick, and then for the Second Congregational Church of Beverly. My Father was also the director for the Interfaith Choir of Northern Rhode Island. I accompanied many of his concerts, all of which were in churches. I have always believed that singing and playing church music was the most effective way of praying.

What are some of your musical interests, both personally and as a professional?
My musical interests evolve around my work. I enjoy conducting choral groups. I have conducted the Lexington Pops Chorus for several years. I also direct the Carleton Willard Village Chorus made up of independent living and assisted living singers. I direct the Massachusetts Teachers Association Chorus that performs for their annual meeting every year. I have been the “Official Organist” for both the MTA and the National Education Association. I really enjoyed teaching music in Mass. Public Schools, with several types of music classes, especially Chorus, Harmony/Theory, Jazz Improvisation, and the yearly staged musical. I constantly hear from former students who describe their own joys of music! For many years my Father and I played two-piano concerts together. Love going to Tanglewood. Love playing jazz. Love accompanying or conducting MMEA District concerts both Junior and Senior Festivals. Had the most fun accompanying the All-State Festival Chorus. And my children love and play/sing music!

What excites you about the music program at South Church?
While I was teaching in Andover, my good friend Doug Halsted would fill me in on musical things he was doing at South Church. It always seemed to be something of high musical value. When I notified my friends that I was looking for a position in the fall, Doug sent me the notification for the position. So I applied! I’m thrilled by the complexity of the music program and I am looking forward to working with each musical group and with instrumental soloists and ensembles.

What would you tell people if they’re thinking about getting involved in the music program?
I would tell them that making music together in church is one of the most satisfying things there is to do. You don’t have to be a soloist to join any of the groups. Music reading gets better the more you become involved. The other members of the groups are not in competition, but are partners and mentors for the glory of praising. What immense satisfaction!