Season of Service

Season of Service
Oct. 18 - Nov. 22, 2020

Season of Service is South Church’s re-imagined annual Day of Service. We want to be safe, which means large gatherings are not possible. We also know that service is central to South Church’s mission to boldly embody God’s love and compassion. So we are taking it up a notch – offering more opportunities to serve in smaller groups or individually, over a five week timeframe.

This year, there are projects for anyone and everyone. Will you help us reach our goal of 100% participation by every member of our beloved community? 

This year’s projects include those done at your own convenience, and some that have a specific date and time. Some require sign-ups, others do not. Some are out in the community, others are done in the comfort of your home. There are project ideas for kids and kids at heart. We even have a Bingo Card for adults and families if that makes it more fun for you!

books, art supplies, bikes, hygiene items, Market Basket gift cards, and more

project ideas for those at home, for young kids, for families, and more

projects with Habitat, Communities Together, AVIS, the Giving Garden, and more