Social Justice Coalition

How do you seek justice in your life? The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) works to “…do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with God,” Micah 6:8.

Are you distressed with how you try to faithfully confront inequities in our community?  Does discrimination, bigotry, climate change, gun violence, or housing inequities rankle you? We welcome you to gather to respond to injustice through discussion, prayer and planning for church/community events. The SJC aims to educate and advocate. There is work to be done at all levels of involvement. To be on the SJC mailing list email the SJC.

For more information, join their Facebook group here.

Sunday Oct. 6th, 11:15am South Church History/Brunch
How can South Church’s history lead us into a brighter future?
How can we coexist while taking different stands?  How can we all be part of the body of Christ while being of different minds? How do we live into our Christian motto, “In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity?” What can our South Church history teach us as we live and worship together in a more polarized society? 

Join us for a light brunch while South Church historian Char Lyons gives a South Church history lesson on how our congregation navigated the uncharted waters of mid 19th century antebellum slavery and abolition with a strong message for today. In the South Vestry, across the hall from the stage-end of Fellowship Hall