Capital Campaign

South Church Capital Pre-Campaign

This is an exciting time for South Church. We are preparing to launch an important effort to enhance our church community. We believe that being a thriving, progressive church in the world is vital – not only for South Church’s future but also for the world around us.

Capital Campaign Steering Committee:

  • Kate Jagger (Co-Chair), Kathleen Curry (Co-Chair), James Bossieux, Dave Bryan, Betsy Davis, Jane Ingram, Wayne Shaw, Rev. Dana Allen Walsh

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Your thoughts and input matter!

Share your hopes and dreams on...

  • Sunday, Sept 17th at 11 AM in the Chapel
  • Sunday, Sept 17th at 5 PM in the Chapel
  • Monday, Sept 18th at 7 PM via Zoom

Pre-Campaign Study: Frequently Asked Questions

A Pre-Campaign Study is a thorough and detailed assessment of a church community’s willingness and capacity to move forward with a capital fundraising endeavor.

Prior to engaging our members in a capital campaign to fund various projects, we first need to determine if they are willing and able to support it. 

Ultimately, the Pre-Campaign Study tells us who we are as a church.  Topics will include the strengths and weaknesses of the church and its leadership, receptivity toward the proposed projects, willingness to make a pledge commitment, and willingness to volunteer for the campaign. 

EVERYONE will be given a chance to participate.  Some will be asked to participate in one-on-one interviews/conversations, some will be asked to participate in focus groups and everyone will be invited to complete a brief e-survey in early November.

People that have been members for a long period of time or are deeply involved in ministries are asked to interview or participate in focus groups because they are generally able to provide thorough and detailed information about church history, current church issues, and are usually able to properly evaluate necessary leadership potential in a capital campaign.

Ruotolo Associates, a philanthropic consulting firm based in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, with extensive experience working with faith-based organizations, has been retained to conduct the study.  They were interviewed and vetted by our leadership.  It was determined that Ruotolo Associates’ methodology best matched the needs of South Church.

The Pre-Campaign Study will be conducted from September through November.  We will provide a link to an executive summary in the Buzz after the final report is presented to the Capital Campaign Team and Church Council.