Giving Garden

The Giving Garden is a small-scale farm and orchard to feed the hungry.

Our mission is to address local food insecurity by bringing together diverse communities of volunteers and guiding them in sustainable, organic farming practices. The Giving Garden was created in 2015 in response to increasing levels of food insecurity and a lack of fresh, healthy, culturally appropriate vegetables available in local food pantries. A second goal is to create opportunities for children and youth to volunteer, as we hope to reconnect them with nature and the land that feeds us.

The garden now has 0.4 acres of vegetable fields, an orchard with 20 fruit trees, and 21 blueberry bushes. We employ a no-till, regenerative method of gardening, which focuses on soil microbial health and supporting diverse ecosystems below and above ground to keep our garden nourished.

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Our harvested produce includes over 20 types of fruits and vegetables and is largely (90%) given to three local non-profits: Neighbors In Need, People’s Pantry, and Lazarus House. These organizations serve the communities of Lawrence, Methuen, North Andover and Andover.

The Garden can improve the health and vitality of our community, not just through fresh healthy produce, but also through the health benefits of engaging in physical activity in a natural environment. With growing concerns about mental health effects of the pandemic on children, we seek to open the doors to the calming, natural setting of working with the land.

We need many volunteers to make this work. No experience necessary! Come help with your family, on your own, or with a faith or other community group. All are welcome at the garden! Please plan to supervise any young kids you bring with you. Sign up here! If you have questions, email us!

The Giving Garden is located on the grounds of Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center, 660 Great Pond Road, North Andover.


Regenerative Agriculture is an approach to growing vegetables with a focus on restoring soil health. By building a flourishing soil microbiome, we can make existing nutrients more accessible to plants, sequester carbon, and ensure soils and plants are more resilient to weather extremes. To protect and regenerate our soil we do our best to:

  • Keep the soil covered using cover crops, mulch, and interplanting.
  • Minimize soil disruption – so no tilling the soil.
  • Use biodiversity for pest control. By planting lots of different plants and flowers in and around our garden, we create food, shelter, and nesting sites for many native insects. This provides prey for beneficial predators which can keep any one pest from getting out of control.
  • Use lots of compost. Compost is added to the top of garden beds each year, increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil, adding to and feeding the microorganisms in the soil.

Thanks to all who attended our first fundraising event! We are so grateful for the support from our community and particularly our sponsors.