Green Team

Our very active Green Team works to promote good environmental stewardship in the church’s facilities, in our homes, and the wider community. They work with our congregation to continually strive to create a green atmosphere in our building, promote the Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and use energy savings measures such as our solar panels on our roof. The committee also works to raise awareness and foster action on Climate Change and occasionally hosts retreats for the environment. Co-chairs Mark Bohrer and Candy Dann.

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What ideas are motivating the SC Green Team?

Our South Church Library is a great resource for climate and environment books. Click here for Green Team book recommendations and details about how to safely check out our books.

This report describes the existing mechanical systems and details recommendations for system replacements that will improve reliability and comfort, while reducing operating costs and environmental impact.

WECAN: Working to Educate Climate Action Now
Andover WECAN strives to prepare the community to lead and flourish in a sustainable future. We work to educate residents on steps individuals can take to reduce their climate impact.

Feeling overwhelmed by climate change? Not sure if we’re getting anywhere? Here’s an article that gives some long-term perspective—we’ve already got 22% renewables in the US and a lot more on the way.

“When you live far from the sprawling fields befitting utility-scale solar and wind farms, it’s easy to feel like clean energy isn’t coming online fast enough. But renewables have grown at a staggering rate since 2014 and now account for 22 percent of the nation’s electricity. Solar alone has grown an impressive eightfold in 10 years…” Valentine, Syris. “US experienced staggering growth in solar and wind power over the last decade” Grist, April 3, 2024.