Small Groups: Connect With Others

Matthew 18:20

"Where there are two or three gathered in my name, there I am among them."

Our small groups are growing! It is wonderful to see several new people recently and, while the numbers are nice, they maintain their place as genuine, vulnerable spaces for people to connect, to share and to be together in community. Our small groups provide consistent sources of support for one another.

Interested in connecting? Feel free to drop in, email the office to get details, or reach out to our moderator, to your ministers, to whomever you might sit next to on Sunday, or someone you met last week or last year. Or better yet, in a bold act of love and compassion, start a ‘something’ and invite others in to serve with you.


For young adults 21+

Looking for a place to meet other young adults in our area? All are welcome! Rock climbing, breweries, fire pits and more. Email Genna for details!

IMG_3636 Genna (20s[]30s, musical, volunteer meeting)

Theology on Tap

gathering and naming God in the world…over a drink – whether alcoholic or not.

Once a month off-site

Mom's Group

For moms of elementary and middle school children

Once a month off-site

Men's Breakfast Group

All men are welcome!

7:00am on the 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month in our library

Faith Forum

A spiritual study and discussion group

8:30am on Sundays in our library and on Zoom

Quilt Group

All levels of quilters are welcome!

4:00-7:00pm Wednesdays at South Church

Mental Health Caregivers

confidential space of sharing, support and compassion for parents/guardians of children struggling with mental illness. Click for mental health resources.

3rd Sunday each month in our library and on Zoom

Concern Carriers

dropping the cares and sharing the worries with others who are “only” buying groceries, attending appointments, organizing finances for a loved one.

2nd Sunday each month in our library and on Zoom

Women's Book Group

One Monday a month off-site

Social Justice Coalition

responding to injustice through discussion, prayer, education, advocacy and church/community events

Meetings are scheduled as needed and are on Zoom


ensuring a safe and engaging environment for all LGBTQ+ individuals and their families

Meetings are scheduled as needed

Green Team

promoting good environmental stewardship

Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Bible Study

New group forming! Click here if interested!

Fridays off-site

Holistic Healing Group

New group forming! For those fascinated by the healing miracles of Jesus and who love yoga, Reiki, or other alternative forms of healing. Email Cathy if interested!  Click for mental health resources.

TransParent Support Group

This new small group is a supportive, confidential community of parents and guardians of trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming kids.

For location, Zoom link, and exact time, click here to contact Pastor Genna.