10:00am Sunday Worship

Christmas Eve Worship 12/24 at 3:00pm & 10:00pm (9:45pm prelude)
Wherever you are on life’s journey. You’re welcome here.
We’re young and old, gay and straight, single and partnered, believing and doubting. And so much more.
Our Vision is to boldly embody God’s love and compassion.
41 Central St., Andover, MA   978-475-0321


Worship is at the heart of who we are at South Church. Church should leave you inspired, comforted, challenged and refreshed. It should feel surprisingly relevant while being rooted in our Christian heritage. When you’re new, showing up to a church can feel risky, but it’s the only way to truly discover a church community. We promise you and your family will discover the radical hospitality and deep faith we’re so proud of here at South Church.


Belonging at South Church is about caring for one another and finding ways to be in fellowship with each other. Finding relationships in a big church can be hard; that’s why we offer numerous opportunities outside of worship, everywhere from the church library to the local brewery.


We are cooking and serving meals, growing food, building homes, providing Christmas gifts, and participating in annual days and weeks of service. We seek to serve as the hands and feet of Christ through local mission partners and financial support of organizations beyond our local community.


Our faith tells us that a meaningful life isn’t about having more stuff. It’s about finding more love and hope in the everyday and ordinary. We strive to provide a safe space for spiritual inquisitiveness from those of all ages, valuing unique abilities, interests, insights and questions.